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Welcome to Bet Suit Software!

Bet Suit Ltd. has wide experience in development of Betfair and Betdaq software ranging from small betting tools for personal use to high robust and reliable sophisticated systems for commercial projects. Over 5 years in industry we have built many software products for our clients from UK and Europe, including but not limited by, tools for Betfair statistics, betting systems for business, automated bots for betting exchanges, individual Betfair bots for personal use. We are ideal for someone who needs custom betting software for business or personal use.

Why use Bet Suit?

We have several benefits over the other companies around there. We are true hard workers, we work fast and aim to create solution for you as soon as possible. We provide first class 24/7 support whenever you need. Our business is based on honesty and trust, our customers are confident that everything is secure. We are looking for a long term relationship so clear and honest business is the first priority for us. This also means that you get prompt support and upgrades when you need. All our customers are very successful with us and our software helps them to increase their income.

Experience and technologies

Bet Suit has everything to start making betting software for you. We have our own engine for betting and trading on Betfair and Betdaq. For Betfair we can offer Betfair API based software as well as a screen scraping software. On demand we can create solutions for other betting exchanges (iBetX, WBX, etc). Also we develop software for Bookie websites (Ladbrokes, Betfred, Sportingodds, Pinnacle, etc). Here is a list of business solutions we offer:

  • Trading software for Betfair and Betdaq
  • Fully automated betting bots
  • Web based betting bots
  • Staking plan betting software
  • Personal horse racing software
  • Betfair and Betdaq utilities and tools, calculators, data and results exporters
  • Betting statistics software

All our software is custom built specially for your needs to feet your specifications.

Please, contact us to discuss your requirements, and lets start making business together.